Things Saving My Sanity Right Now // Quarantine Edition

So I had planned to post another Things I’m Buying Again post (first one here), but with everything going on, it just didn’t really seem feasible or helpful to post that one just yet. So I thought “what’s something that might be helpful in these crazy quarantine times of 2020?” And then I thought how about things that are helping me (and keeping me semi-sane) during quarantine!

So here are some things – big and small – that are either helping me, giving me life, saving my life, or keeping me somewhat sane. Maybe some of these tips and resources can help you too, and maybe even bring you a little joy to your day.

First, we’ll start with the work stuff. If you’re like me, you’re still working, but working from home. Which personally, I don’t hate, but it has come with its own challenges and navigating those is a daily struggle. But some things I’ve noticed that help me tremendously are:

1. An instrumental playlist

I don’t know when I was no longer able to listen to a podcast while working, but for whatever reason, I can’t now. So in order to focus, I had to start looking for instrumental playlists on Spotify.

Some of my favorites so far are:

2. Pen + paper

I know this sounds simple, but having some paper (notebook, post-its, something) and a pen nearby has been so helpful. I can jot down anything important or that I need to remember, and I can also jot down any swirling thoughts or random things that come to mind in the middle of the work day. It’s helped tremendously to get those out on paper and out of my head.

3. Short breaks + getting outside

I’ve noticed I do better if I get up and step away from my computer about every hour or so. And when it’s nice and sunny out, I try to get outside, take Tank for a quick walk around the building, and get some sunshine on my face. Even just hearing the sounds outside and smelling the fresh air have been helpful for my mental and emotional health. So I highly recommend taking a short break and a short walk outside, if possible!

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Now, here are some things that are saving me during the week this quarantine:

– Standing zooms with friends and co-workers

I have one weekly virtual meet-up with some girlfriends back in Oklahoma, and one every few weeks with some co-workers, and it’s been so helpful to stay social and safe. With things slowly opening back up, we’ve been taking breaks and doing a couple in-person meet-ups (socially distant, of course) and that’s been great too! And remember, it’s okay to take breaks – zoom fatigue is a real thing. Give yourself a break from the screen from time to time 🙂

– Putting on workout clothes before 5pm

So I can jump right into my workout when I log off from work. This sounds so simple, but it’s helped me stay consistent and not have an excuse at the end of the day or be able to talk myself out of it.

– Speaking of workouts, home workouts

My go-to home workouts are by Kelly Yager. I bought her 8-week home guide, then participated in her Fit & Functional 2.0 challenge at the beginning of April. Personally, I saw a lot of progress and loved it so much I purchased the next Fit & Functional guide (3.0 ;)) and I’m now doing the next challenge! I got the home + gym guide bundle since some of our gyms are opening back up, but I like having the home version too in case I don’t feel comfortable or feel like going to the gym. She posts so many free workouts on her instagram, but I really like her guides because she writes the workouts where they follow a workout split and progress as you work from week to week. I highly recommend, if you can’t tell that already 🙂

– Putting myself together at least a few days a week

Showered, hair, makeup, cute outfit, bold lip, power hoops, dope jewelry. I’ve noticed when I take a little time for myself (whether it’s first thing in the morning or even mid-morning, lunch, or afternoon), I feel better and it helps me get through my day.

Self-tanning drops

What can I say, I just feel better with a tan. I’ve talked about these drops before, but I love these tanning drops. I like mixing them with this coconut body lotion – it smells like the beach and let’s be honest, we could all use a little beach right now…

– Healthy-ish snacks

I’ve always been a snacker, but if I’m being completely honest, since being out of the office, I’ve noticed I haven’t been snacking as much. However, when I do want a little afternoon snack, I feel and do better when I grab something a little healthier. Some of my favorite snacks are rice cakes w/protein “frosting” or protein nut butter, protein bars, greek yogurt and berries, Arbonne greens + skin elixir/fizz/after workout, and for a little somethin’ somethin’ in my water, I’ve really been digging a few drops of citrus fresh oil mixed in my water (with my favorite stainless cup and straws). I’ve been loving Yasso frozen greek yogurt bars for an after-dinner treat! I love the fudge, chocolate chip cookie dough, and mint chocolate chip 🙂

– Quick + easy + tasty meals

The key to this for me is having protein and/or veggies prepped and ready to heat up for lunch and dinner. Lately, I’ve been making buffalo chicken in the crockpot, as well as yummy shredded chicken with peppercinis. Having my protein cooked and ready to go makes cooking up dinner or throwing together a quick salad for lunch so much easier and quicker! I also love cooking up frozen shrimp because it cooks fairly quickly and adds a little variety to the mix 🙂 My favorite shrimp is from Trader Joe’s – I love making it for salads, as well as in a “fried rice” dish (riced cauliflower – it’s so good)!

– Nightly skincare routine

Even though I’m not 100% on this at all, when I do do it, it definitely helps! Having an overall wind-down, nightly routine has been beneficial for me. I’ve kept my skincare routine pretty quick and simple. I wash with my favorite face cloths, then apply my acne spot treatment (if needed), some sort of facial oil (I’ve been loving this one – got a sample from a friend! – and just jojoba oil mixed with frankincense), then either my night cream or this very hydrating gel cream. I just started using this cream and it is a game changer. I love it for night and day!

– Nightly oils routine

This one is still pretty new for me, but I love spraying a linen spray on my sheets and pillow before crawling into bed. I also love diffusing a relaxing, sleep-promoting mix of oils in my favorite bedroom diffuser (it’s dark charcoal, no lights, no beeps!). I keep this water carafe on my nightstand, and it has been a huge help in me using my diffuser more consistently at night.

There you have it – all the things that are saving my life, saving my sanity, and helping me out through this crazy quarantine time.

Now that I’ve shared my list, I’m curious, what’s one thing that’s helping you during this time? Share in the comments below! 🙂

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    Elizabeth Herbert Cottrell
    July 17, 2020 at 1:01 pm

    Wonderful post (from a fellow Hope*Writer) and such a great reminder to each of us to pay attention to whatever it is that is giving us life and joy…or saving our sanity! It deepens our connection with ourselves and, in that, with our Creator. Thank you.

    • Reply
      August 25, 2020 at 10:45 am

      Hi Elizabeth! Thank you! And love connecting with other Hope*Writers, and I completely agree with you! Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

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