6 Things I Learned This Fall // 2018

Here we are, nearing the end of another season, which means it’s time for my What I Learned post! In this fall 2018 edition of WIL, there is kind of a resounding theme – trying new things. And not completely in the traditional sense of trying something new, like trying a new food or attending a new workout class. But actually doing the things you hear or know you could be doing and just never attempt them.

It’ll make sense once we get into the list. Let’s dive in, shall we?


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1. When you show up, others listen.

In a social media challenge I participated in this fall, #10thingstotellyou, I talked about how I struggle with sharing more of myself and my struggles. I want to share more, and share more of everything – the real, the raw, the beautiful. All of it. So when I shared this post last week, I was so nervous and scared of the response. And honestly, scared of how it would be received because it’s a strange, maybe awkward thing to talk about because of my situation and what I’ve been through.

I don’t ever want to step on any toes or voice about a topic that I may not have a voice to speak from, but I do want to be honest and real with y’all. And I’ve learned from posting this struggle that when I show up (and show up consistently), others (you amazing people) will listen. And more time than not, be loving and supportive.


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2. I’m happier when I create.

Whether it’s writing a blog post, taking pictures, compiling a video, editing pictures from a try-on session, creating a blog graphic, working on a logo, making a freebie, or styling a flat lay. I love creating something from nothing. I’m becoming more and more aware of that, and I’m working hard to pay attention to those little things. It’s how we discover our passions and our callings. What’s something that brings you great joy?


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3. Sometimes you have to take the leap, and then assess when you get there.

I went to dinner with a dear friend recently, and we chatted about this idea she had behind thinking like a toddler, her toddler in her case. The idea is that when a toddler wants to do something or wants to try something, they just do. There may be a little thinking involved, but for the most part, their actions are pretty impulsive. Now, as adults, we know this can’t be applied to all circumstances and situations. But the theory behind it can definitely be applied in times where we talk ourselves out of a particular situation that might makes us, say, uncomfortable or scared or not in control.

I’ve been wrestling around with some new ideas and ventures (that’s actually what it’s called on my Trello board) and there are quite a few. Quite a few that I probably have no business in dipping my toe in, like graphic design. But, as I mentioned above, I love creating things, and I love helping others develop and get their websites up to where they want them to be. And if I can help them do that (and create things, which brings me lots of joy), then why should I let a silly fear stop me?

Think like a toddler.

(Most of the time.)


4. How to cook a turkey.

And a whole Thanksgiving meal, at that! That’s right. We decided not to risk the drive over the mountain (and through the woods) to Chris’s mom’s house because of the weather, so we had to make our own Thanksgiving dinner in our little apartment. It was actually quite lovely, and the turkey was surprisingly good – especially for my first turkey ever! (Bone-in turkey breast, not the full bird – but no one needs to know that) It was the most perfect, impromptu Thanksgiving for two.


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5. Stepping out can lead to great things.

“Stepping out” is not my strong suit. In fact, anyone who really knows me is laughing at that sentence as they read this. I’m 100% an introvert when it comes to making new friends, being in new situations, talking in work meetings, all of it. But I’ve learned (and sometimes had to out of necessity) that sometimes when you step out onto that scary ledge, it can lead to great things. Sometimes you don’t even have to take the big scary leap. Showing up, either in big ways or small ways, can get you noticed and someone may see you or hear you (See #1).

I attended an event at the end of the October about kids and phones/social media and the new challenges parents, teachers, etc. are facing these days with the ever evolving technologies. Well, one of my major internet instagram girl crushes was there (she helped put it on). I saw her, she handed me my program. Do I say anything? I just finished shoving a rice cake in my mouth – ugh, is there rice cake on my face?? I didn’t say anything there.

After watching the whole talk, which was amazing, I knew this was my chance. This was my time if I wanted to go say hi and introduce myself. Y’all, I thought I was going to throw up. It was like an out of body experience. But I finally walked up to her (after lurking a good 10 minutes on the sidelines, which felt like 10 years) and introduced myself. We had a short, but lovely conversation and we even took a pic. Crappy overhead auditorium lighting and all.


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6. Saying yes can be a pleasant surprise.

When a dear old friend asked if I wanted to go to this new women’s retreat we knew nothing about in the Zion National Park, I pretty much said yes without a second thought. She’s done this to me before when we decided to take a trip on-a-whim to Lake Tahoe last fall. But a short recharge weekend, with an old dear friend, women supporting women, genuinely supporting you is just the right amount of hope and umph you need to boost your spirits and regain faith in others. And even yourself.


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    denise sultenfuss
    December 7, 2018 at 5:16 pm

    As a fellow introvert, I found a kindred spirit in your words about “stepping out.” Your site looks like a lovely place to hang out! Looking forward to being IG friends.

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