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If you’re new here and weren’t around for the good old Portrayal of Hope days, you may not be familiar with a “bonus day” and what it means. Simply put, a bonus day is every day that we get to wake up and have the opportunity to live out our dreams, goals, and passions. My own passion has grown into inspiring others to embrace this same mantra by doing my best to live out my own bonus days to their greatest potential.

Creating this free gift for you, my readers, was something I really wanted to do, and with the help of my friend, I’m so happy I can give it to you.

The story behind the quote “every day is a bonus day” is very special and near and dear to my heart.

welcome gift ediabd free printable


My late husband, Kenny, and I were discussing the meaning of bonus days just weeks before he passed away.


He said every day spent together was a bonus day for him.



At the time, we didn’t know we were living the last of his bonus days, our bonus days together as husband and wife. We received a phone call a month or so before the day of this bonus day conversation – a phone call that would change our plans we had that day.

It was St. Patty’s day, and even though Kenny wasn’t feeling 100%, I suggested we get out of the house and go have a beer at one of our favorite OKC restaurants. Turning onto 63rd from Penn, two minutes from our house on 47th St, his phone rang. It was his doctor in Houston, saying they had done all they could to stop the cancer and that he should go and do the things he has always wanted to go do.

Unknown to them, Kenny was already doing the things he had always wanted to do. He graduated college (1st in his immediate family), earned his masters in Psychology, had a beautiful daughter, married his best friend, and was serving his community as a counselor.

However, when you receive a phone call like that, it’s easy to think of all the things you haven’t done yet that you’ve always wanted to do.

After that phone call, Kenny spent every day fighting for just one more bonus day. He got 74. And we treasured all 74 of those bonus days.



I chose this quote because I truly believe that every day we wake up breathing is a bonus day.

Having a simple, daily reminder is a gift I wanted to create (with the help from my amazingly talented friend) and give to you. Hanging in your entryway, office, bedroom, wherever you can see it every day, every morning when you wake up to be reminded how lucky we are to receive another bonus day.


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I’m so excited to offer this free gift to you!

It combines 2 things I absolutely love – a good quote and beautiful artwork for the home.

To receive this print directly in your inbox, click here!


Click to download your free printable lettering artwork - every day is a bonus day


Feel free to print and display wherever you need your daily reminder.
Save it as your background, print multiples, do whatever you need so you can be reminded of this special quote.

 If you have a friend or know someone who would also enjoy this free gift, please share this link with them so they can receive their free gift too!

As always, thank you for being a part of this community.

Let’s go and create good bonus days! Today and every day.


Tell me in the comments how you plan to display your new artwork – I’d love to hear!


**Also, I’d love to see how you display your artwork in your home! Be sure to tag me on IG (@danielle.comer) or Facebook and use the hashtag #ediabd (every day is a bonus day)! I can’t wait to see them all!**

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