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Trader Joe’s Favorites // Bonus: FREE Grocery List Printable

Trader Joe’s… oh, how I wish we would’ve met sooner, but I’m so glad we finally did.

The week I was moving from OKC to Oregon, Trader Joe’s moved into Nichols Hills Plaza. Naturally. To say I was bummed is an understatement. I had heard about all the amazing things people would get from TJ’s and that people were OBSESSED – so much so that they would have friends ship them items if they didn’t have one nearby.

I needed to know what this craze was all about! Lucky for me, when I moved to Oregon, I gained several Trader Joe’s stores. PRAISE! We would travel over an hour from the coast to get all our goods – and it was definitely worth it.



trader joes list danielle comer


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A Letter to the Two Men Who Love Me

To my dearest loves,

This letter is for you, the both of you. One love letter I know how to write. I’m lucky enough, and sometimes cursed, to have 2 loves.

I’m learning it’s harder than I ever imagined, but that it’s not impossible either.


Your love, our love will never be replaced.

Our new love is not a replacement or plan B. The loves are different.


I will always miss you. Always.

You are not #2. You are not the second choice. You’re the first of these next chapters.


I will never forget your love you had for me.

I will cherish your love for me just as much, if not more.


You weren’t perfect. I wasn’t perfect. Our marriage wasn’t perfect.

You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. Our relationship won’t be perfect.

But there is love, forgiveness, and grace. Praise God for love, forgiveness, and grace.


I’m sorry for all the times I didn’t get it or I was not a good wife.

I’m sorry if I compare our relationship to my past – it’s all I know.


The time we shared, the storms we weathered – those make up our own love story.

The life we share, the storms we weather will make up our own love story.


Our past is our past and ours alone, and I will honor our story the best way I know how.

Our present is our present. The future is ours as well. I will still and always visit the past, but that’s all it will be – a visit. It’s not where I live, but it is where I learned all I know now about love and life. And I don’t ever want to forget that. Ever.


The hardest part is this – I’m still here. I’m the connecting thread from one love story to the next.

You had to let me go. So someone else could have the chance to love me.

You have to accept me for me and all that I am and all that I’ve experienced. All of it. All of me. The past, the baggage, the issues, all of it. All of this beautiful mess.


My promise to you is I will always love you and honor you and honor our story.
My promise to you is I will always love you and respect you and show up in the best way I know how and do my best every day with the information at hand.


I can’t imagine ever being in either of your shoes so I promise to always offer love, forgiveness, and grace. My only request is for the same in return.

I would never wish this walk in my shoes upon anyone. But I wouldn’t change any part of it. Without it, I wouldn’t know what I know now about love, forgiveness, and grace. I’ll forever be grateful for that invaluable lesson.


I love you both. And nothing will ever change that.


With all my love,

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Where We Wander: Oregon

Living here in Oregon for almost 2 years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit and see a lot of different areas so far. Chris and I have been to many brunch spots, wineries, coffee shops, and picturesque hiking places. And what inspired this post was I had lots of friends message me when they were planning a trip out to the West Coast, and they’d ask for all my favorite, must-see places in Oregon. Instead of creating the same content over and over again, I figured let’s create a post that will continually be updated and a central location for all things Oregon.

So, here we are! I’ve tried to only add places I have been to personally or plan to visit in the near future, with my favorite menu items, drink orders, and our experiences while visiting these amazing locations.

Check back often for updated content and pictures! I will post on instagram when I’ve added more places, so make sure and follow me there to get all the updates!

If you have any favorites I’ve missed or need to check out myself, shoot me a message on instagram and I’ll be sure to add it to the list!


Where We Wander Best of Oregon Travel Guide


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5 Things I Learned This Spring

The flowers are blooming here in Oregon wine country, the sun is shining bright and warm, and the wineries are opening their tasting rooms. Yup, it’s officially spring, almost summer here in Oregon! And it’s that time of the year where I share a list of the things I learned during the last season. In this post, I’m sharing 5 things I learned this spring.



I’ve been joining Emily P. Freeman and others (the #WWL community) since I started posting these last summer. I’ve also shared what I learned this last fall and winter. This post will round out my first year of sharing these lists. And so far, I can say I love them and will continue doing them and sharing them here. Let’s see what’s on this season’s list!


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5 Easy + Minimal Spring Accessories

Although the Oregon weather tells a different story, spring is officially here! Even with the rain still lingering, I’ve started dreaming about warmer, sunnier days and spring outfits. With spring outfits come spring accessories.

When it comes to spring accessories, I like to think less is more. Although I love florals, bright colors, and prints, I tend to wear basics and neutrals (where my neutral lovers at??) more than the average girl. So to add some texture and life to my outfits, I love accessorizing with simple and minimal pieces. Here are 5 of my favorite easy, minimal spring accessories for this season.


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My Favorite Target Picks for Spring – All Under $30

Have you been to Target lately?? They have stepped up their fashion game – clothes, shoes, accessories, all of it. I went a couple weekends ago and wanted to share some of my favorite Target picks for spring – and bonus: they’re all under $30!


Target spring fashion picks under $30


So if you’ve been following me for any amount of time, it’s probably no secret that I love Target. Like love love Target. So much so that a few years ago when I lived 2 minutes from Target, Google asked if it was my place of work… not even joking.


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Inspiring Podcasts for Women, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Podcasts for Women, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs - Free 5-page Mini Guide


Don’t be misconstrued by the title. This podcast + book guide can be for women and men, and it definitely isn’t limited to just creatives and entrepreneurs. But these are the podcasts (and books) I’ve been loving lately and figured if they have helped me, they may help others. I won’t go into too much detail about the podcasts themselves since I do that in the guide, but here are my top 5 podcasts for women (by women).

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6 Things I Learned This Winter

Well, it’s that time again. Where I share a list of things I learned during the latest season. For this particular post, I’m sharing 6 things I learned this winter. I joined Emily P. Freeman and others (the #WWL community) in this new venture last summer when I first launched this new blogging space. I shared what I learned this last fall as well. Although I’m still new at sharing these lists, I’m beginning to see patterns and reoccurring themes from season to season. Let’s dive into this season’s list!


Oregon Wine Country Church - 6 Things I Learned This Winter

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{A blog series} All Things New: Life beyond the hospital doors

All Things New - Life Beyond the Hospital Doors

This post is part of a blog series by my dear friend, Dorina Gilmore. To follow along with us this month, click the link at the bottom of this post.


I remember walking out of the hospital on that sunny day in May, feeling like I had walked into another world, another life. Not mine or the one I knew. It was like we had walked in as a family of two, but I came out as a party of one.


Was this really happening?  Do I keep walking?  What if I walked back into the hospital? Would it change everything back to the way it was?  What am I supposed to do now?  How do you live as a brand new widow?


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The Gift Guide for the Late Shopper

We’ve all been there. It’s almost the middle of December, only days away from Christmas, and you still haven’t bought a gift for your special someone. So I put together this quick gift guide to help those who need to get a gift and get it quick!

Whether it’s a girlfriend, best friend, sister, or mom – you want to get them something they’re going to enjoy. Because let’s be honest, giving gifts is just as special and rewarding as receiving them. Especially if your love language is giving gifts (like me)!

gift guide 2017 Christmas


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