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Just over a year ago, I launched this new website. It took a lot of soul searching and praying to move forward with a new site since Portrayal of Hope was so near and dear to my heart. But I felt it was time for a fresh start.

So I put my blood, sweat, and tears (and countless Google searches) into starting this new blog so it could be the best for you, my readers. I wanted the experience to be pretty, easy, and enjoyable for anyone who visited. My hope was that the blog would provide valuable information, tips and tricks, my favorite finds, and most of all, encouragement.

Encouragement to live today a little better than yesterday, to pay it forward, to show life with a little different perspective in hopes that you too can see your neighbor or that stranger you pass in the grocery store with a little more compassion and kindness.


blog birthday giveaway - danielle comer

All the items in this giveaway I thoughtfully handpicked and curated myself. Each one represents something I believe in and hold true in my heart. And I wanted to share them with all of you.

Always be wander-ful, but stay grounded in your beliefs.

Always be kind. Be human-kind.

Have courage + fly with your own wings.

You are enough. Always enough. Just the way you are.


Here is a list of the items + sources:

Have Courage & Be Kind tote (designed + made by fellow Oregonian boss babe Kalen Rivers)

Be a Nice Human mug (designed + made by fellow Oregonian boss babe Kalen Rivers)

You Are Enough vinyl sticker // plus $20 target gift card (sticker designed + made by fellow Oregonian boss babe Kalen Rivers)

She Flies With Her Own Wings vinyl sticker // plus $20 target gift card

Sugar Paper gold striped notebook (similar ones here)

Anthropologie gold wander bookmark



For details about the giveaway and to see how to enter, head over to my instagram & look for the picture in my feed!


Good luck! And THANK YOU again for being amazing, loyal readers!


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